JSF Demands Strict Population Control Law Across Country

Guwahati, Sept 14: Janasakhya Samadhan Foundation (JSF) has demanded a strict population control law across the country by creating public awareness through campaigns and adopting strict law policies.

“JSF has launched this campaign/mission to protect the Mother Nature, environment, religion and also for the national security. The body demands for a strict enforcement of the population control law in order to safeguard them,” Chairman, North East Chapter of JSF Sailendra Pandey said.

In this regard, the JSF scheduled a webinar on Saturday evening with the Eminent Scholars of Tripura.

Dr Haradhan Saha, Associate Professor, Swami Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya said a mass movement at all levels is needed and the matter to be included in NEP2020.

Dr Dhuba Charan Hota, Associate Professor, MBB College emphasized the need for proper research on population for successful implementation of Population Law.

Prof. Satyadeo Poddar, Vice Chancellor, M. B. B. University said population control is necessary for ecological balance in nature.

Others who had addressed the webinar included Dr Ratan Mazumder,  Dr Bhabani Modak ,  Dr Supratim Das,  Dr Nilanjan De and Dr Kiran Shankar Chakraborty.

Dr Subhajit Choudhury was the moderator of the webinar.

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